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Two Year Integrated Classroom Program for JEE (Main & Advanced) (Spark Batch)

Course Program : Two-Year Regular Classroom Programme
Classes Schedule : 5 days in a week
Programme Hours: 1200 hours in Class XI & XII [Excluding 'Tests & Discussions']
Eligibility Class X passed
Batch Option: Weekdays & Weekend
Weekdays Batch: [Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday]
Weekend Batch : [Saturday & Sunday] [During vacation, classes can be held on weekdays also]

Programme Orientation:  

Students are guided to manage their TIME scientifically to ensure optimum output. They are also given holistic mentoring that enables them to excel not only in JEE (Main & Advanced), and in other Engineering Entrance Exams but also in XII Board Exams. Hence, we focus on Board Exams by clearing basic doubts of the students and covering the entire school syllabus.

This Course is specially designed for those students who wish to take an early advantage by enrolling immediately after Class-X Board examination. Almost 8 weeks early advantage of this Course (begins in the month of April) the students exposure to the course curriculum of JEE (Main+Advanced), and the best utilization of the crucial summer vacations. This also boosts their confidence because the extra time available to them is used for revision and doubt clearing.

It also enhances their analytical thinking, conceptual clarity and confidence level to face the brunt of grueling competition. Initially, the course begins with a fundamental study covering the entire school board syllabus of as the students are not exposed to the syllabus and pattern of JEE (Main+Advanced)

Ideal Program:

This Program is ideal for class X passed students, who wish to make their career in Engineering not only in India but also in abroad, and to outperform in class XII Board exam. There are multiple advantages with this program as scoring good marks pave the way to apply for Foreign Universities directly or through SAT. Ambitious students find this program absolutely ideal for them.

Subject Taught:

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.




The ultimate aim of this program is to enable the students to crack the toughest Engineering Entrance Exams like JEE (Advanced) earlier (IIT-JEE) and JEE (Main) earlier AIEEE. The entire syllabus of JEE (Main & Advanced) is covered in two years time in a scientific way so that students can grasp it easily and get familiar with the trends of these exams.

Fundamental methods are employed to clear the basic understanding of students. This way their complete XII board syllabus is covered. Now, they are able to apply the learnt basic concepts in solving complex problems of competitive exams. This offers dual advantages to the students as they get to prepare their XII board and IITs in one go.

This integrated two-year program has shown wonderful results in, the board as well as engineering entrance exams. Most of the top rankers come from this course as they get holistic guidance in a potential extended two year time.

Salient Features:

  • Daily Topic-wise Practice Test (DTPT) This is a 30 minutes daily test conducted just after the classes get over. This exercise accelerates the tempo of students towards their studies. In the long run, it gives rich dividends in terms of marvellous results.
  • Chapter-wise Comprehensive Aptitude Test C-(CAT) is conducted after the completion of each chapter. This test aims to assess students’ level of understanding chapter wise. This regular exercise helps students in plugging their loopholes/mistakes and providing them an opportunity to correct by discussions with the concerned teacher.
  • Phase Tests, Part Tests, ‘Mock Tests’ and Full Tests are organised on regular basis. On the gradual completion of syllabus, these Tests are organised as per the pre-determined schedule in the simulated environment that boosts the confidence of the students.
  • Biometric Attendance System brings transparency by updating the status of arrival & departure of students to their parents. SMS is also sent to the parents for updates.
  • Integrated Comprehensive Study Materials are provided that doesn’t require any additional book. It covers Board as well as JEE (Main & Advanced) syllabus. We also supplement Work Books for Home Assignments.

Early Birds are Always Rewarded

  • Joining early gives students an edge over late comers in terms of getting a chance for extensive study with ease, as they don’t fall short of time but get more time for conceptual clarity.
  • Students get optimum time available for the preparation of your Board and competitive Exams simultaneously thereby leaving no loophole at your end that ensures success.
  • Early starters will always have more time before the actual competitive exams as their course curriculum will finish much before the batches starting late.
  • Sufficient time to concentrate on studies; for self-evaluation to improve one’s performance; and for eliminating last moment doubts and examination phobia.
  • Serious aspirants do not wait as the competence of the early batches is very high because bright students join early at this stage creating a competitive environment.
  • You get early bird discount that will lower your fee compared to those joining late, along with multiple additional revision and testing opportunities.